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CAT Solutions delivers Apprenticeships across the UK.

There are differences in the structure and funding of apprenticeships between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These are set to widen with the Apprenticeship Reforms currently being implemented in England.

Wales and Northern Ireland are also in the process of undertaking consultations to reform apprenticeships.

Find out more about apprenticeships in your country.


England – SASE Frameworks and New Trailblazer Standards

There are currently two types of Apprenticeships in England, those which follow the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) Frameworks and the new Apprenticeship Standards (designed by groups of employers known as Trailblazers).


Scotland - Modern Apprenticeships

In Scotland, Apprenticeships are based on Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks created by Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) in Scotland.

Modern Apprenticeships are not under reform. The current system, therefore, will remain in place.


Wales – SASW Frameworks

Apprenticeships in Wales currently follow the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW) Frameworks, which set out the minimum requirements for the apprenticeship.


Northern Ireland – Apprenticeship Frameworks

Apprenticeship Frameworks in Northern Ireland set out the minimum requirements for the relevant apprenticeship.