Disciplinary and Fines Policy


Players and Managers ( coaches ) are to remember that they are subject not only to the F.A rules and Regulations when playing, but also by the legal obligations of the laws of the land.

Club Officials must act at all times in the best interest of the game as well as the Club.

Civil and criminal liability can apply on the football field just like anywhere else. If anyone, including spectators, acts outside the law or their legal responsibilities, then they could face prosecution of a Civil Law claim.


The parents or guardians of any player who causes the referee to take disciplinary action against him/her ( booking or sending off ) will be responsible for the payment of the fine imposed as a result of the action.

Failure to complete or return any relevant / appropriate documentation will result in the player being suspended from playing and reported to the relevant F.A governing body.

Any player, or the parents / guardians of any player, who has received a fine will have the right of appeal. Any appeal will only be heard by the Club’s Committee once the fine has been paid in full.

The appeal must be made in writing and include any justification / evidence that supports the appeal. This can be passed through the Team manager and will be heard at the next Committee meeting. An appeal can only be made within 1 week of receiving the notification of the disciplinary action from the relevant F.A governing body.

If the Committee supports The Appeal, then the parents / guardians will be reimbursed with the cost of the fine imposed.

The appropriate Team Manager / Coach will be notified of the Committee’s decision and will be responsible for the subsequent notification to the parents/ guardians who originated The Appeal.

The Committee’s decision is final.