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I am fortunate as a photographer to live in Swansea, close to the Gower Peninsula, the first place in Britain designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1956. So how could I not pick up a camera, to capture the ever changing light and seasons of this amazing landscape.

The opportunity arose to spend several years in New York studying photography, before returning to Wales, then working in London. Subsequently I had the exciting and challenging experience as an expedition photographer with Raleigh International in Oman and Brunei. My work has included cooperate commissions alongside newspapers and magazines assignments and travel-guides.

Confidence, skill and knowledge enables me to cover a brief and deliver assignments on time, whatever the client’s requirements: images for a web site, a presentation, product launch or brochure.

Wanderlust and the desire to document the world around me has been a lifelong passion. Whenever possible, I divert from the well-trodden tourist routes to find the true flavour of the countries I visit, and try to convey this reality creatively to tell a story through my, photographs and writing.

Recent travel articles have been published in Swansea’s leading lifestyle magazine The Bay and can be viewed via the “Travel Features” link above. I am also available to give travel talks and slide shows for community groups.

I also produce a selection of greeting cards alongside mounted or framed photographs which are available at various outlets one of which is the Gower Craft and Artisans Gallery within The Mumbles Methodist Church, Oystermouth.

I also share my knowledge through locally held photography courses as well as private tuition.